How to Set an Ad Schedule For Facebook Campaigns With Daily Budgets

Depending on what time of the day you want your Facebook campaign to start running, you may find yourself getting out of bed early to turn it on! This article explains how to set an Ad Schedule For Facebook Campaigns With Daily Budgets.

Facebook does have an ad scheduling feature that allows you to easily select the period during the day for Facebook to automatically run your ads.

Facebook Ad Sceduling
Facebook Ad Scheduling

However this feature is limited to campaigns with a lifetime budget (a lifetime budget allows you to set an amount to spend over the lifetime of an ad set). If you try to set a schedule for a campaign running on a daily budget (the max the campaign will spend on a single day) you will see a message like below:

Other than leaving the campaign on all the time or keep getting up at the crack of dawn… what to do next?

Ad Schedule For Daily Budget Facebook Campaigns

Luckily Facebook have another fantastic feature called Rules.

Let’s say you wish for your campaign to turn on at 6am Monday-Friday and Sunday.

In ad manager

  1. Select the campaign using the tick-box next to the campaign name
How to set an Ad Schedule For Facebook Campaigns With Daily Budgets

2. Then hit Rules and then Create A New Rule

Schedule For Facebook Campaigns With Daily Budgets
Facebook rules

3. Give the Rule a memorable name (You may end up having a few rules over time)

Under Apply Rule To, you will also see that it’s automatically preselected the campaign you originally ticked before selecting rules.

Ad Schedule For Daily Budget

4. Next under the Conditions section, select the drop down and scroll down to Time and select Current Time

Ad Schedule For Facebook Daily Budget

5. Select is greater than and then select todays date and finally set 5.45 AM in the time input.

You may be wondering why we are selecting a time 15 minutes earlier than when we actually want the campaign to start. This is because this is a condition and later on we will configure the rule to check against this condition. We will be checking to see if this current time condition is true at 6AM daily, so in this case the campaign would start to run because 6AM is greater than 5:45 AM.

Facebook Rule for Ad Schedule

6. Next move down to the Time Range select box and select Today. This lets the rule understand over what time period to check the condition against. We select ‘today’, because we are checking the condition against the current time each day.

Then select custom under the Schedule section and then Edit custom schedule

7. Here we tell the rule when to run. First tick the days you wish the rule to run, and then select a time. Because we want the rule to check the condition just once, we set the time to 6AM in both time fields.

Note: If we ran it between 6am and 10pm and you had turned the campaign off during the day, it would turn itself back on automatically on its next routine check because the condition is still true.

8. When you have finished, click close on custom schedule box and hit create.

So tomorrow, at 6AM the rule will run and it will check that the current time (6AM) is greater than the one set in the condition (5:45AM) and turn on the campaign.

If you ever wish to turn off the rule, select Manage Rules under Rules and click the toggle to turn off.

Note: If you want the rule to turn on an additional campaign you unfortunately need remake the rule, selecting all the desired campaigns as discussed in the first step.

You can however edit the campaign, its schedule and conditions.

I hope this helps, it’s been a life saver for us.

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