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Microsoft SEO Toolkit

The Microsoft SEO Toolkit is FREE, however it requires Internet Information Services 7 (ISS 7).

The program crawls your live website and generates a list of “violations”. A violation refers to a possible SEO issue in your content, html mark-up, meta information and so on.

Examples of violations highlighted may include:

  • Page contains unnecessary redirects
  • The page title is missing
  • The h1 tag is missing
  • The page contains multiple H1 tags
  • The page contains broken hyperlinks
  • The description is too long
  • The page title is too long
  • The description is empty
  • The page contains invalid markup
  • The link text is not relevant
  • The page contains multiple canonical format
  • The image tag does not have an ALT attribute defined
  • The canonical URL is broken
  • The page title is too short
  • The page was excluded by a noindex attribute

To name a few. Overall a great kit, very addictive.

Visit the Microsoft SEO Toolkit site to download

Microsoft SEO Toolkit 2020 Update

The Search Engine Optimization Toolkit is still up and running. Here’s an excellent article which explains how to install the toolkit on windows 10.

You still need at least IIS version 7.0 or greater to run the setup. 


  • It’s free and still ads value along side other crawling tools such as Screaming Frog.
  • It quickly reports where sitewide links are broken
  • And shows when you’re using under optimised images


  • Obviously its still only available on Microsoft machines
  • It has no integration with Google Analytics or Search Console
  • It’s data hungry, keep deleting old crawl reports

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