How to Add Social Share Buttons to Your Website

Add Share Buttons to Your Website

Adding social share buttons to your website can enable your users to easily share your content to their social media networks. They help drive more traffic to your website by expanding the reach of your content to new audiences. Buttons can sit above and/or below your content and even stick and float to the side of your screen.

Adding social share buttons to your site will help by:

  • Increasing new and returned web traffic
  • Generating brand awareness with global reach
  • Creating social proof by showing share counts

There are many ready made social media plugins available to choose from, which include AddThis, AddToAny and ShareThis. They are all similar in functionality in the sense that they provide embeddable share buttons for a number of social media networks but here are some key points for each choice.


Used by 15 million sites, AddThis has beautifully simple share buttons, you also build your audience with the use of ‘follow’ buttons or grow an email list with newsletter signup forms.

  • AMP Friendly
  • Plugins available for many platforms including WordPress & Shopify
  • Related Post Tools
  • Link Promotion Tools


Launched in 2006, AddToAny was the first customisable and universal sharing platform. You can share to any service, or add a custom service to share to. It has excellent mobile & responsive functionality.

  • Floating share bars for mobile, desktop
  • Share buttons for images
  • Share counts and share count recovery
  • Google Analytics integration


With ShareThis you can customise easy-to-use share buttons and other publishing tools for your website or blog.

  • Great multi language support
  • WordPress plugin
  • Audience insights
  • Image and video share buttons

How to add social share buttons

In this example I will demonstrate how to add ShareThis buttons to a website.

Step 1

Choose your button type from inline or sticky, inline will sit above or below your content, sticky buttons appear to the edge of your screen.

Step 2

Customise the networks you wish to display in your buttons by selecting the icons.

You can then drag the buttons in the order as you wish to display them.

Select where you wish your buttons to sit within your content.

Select the size of your buttons and whether or not you wish for them to include share counts.

Step 3

Select how you wish to install the buttons

If you’re not using a CMS platform then select the HTML option.

You will then need to register with ShareThis, this will allow you to make changes to your buttons in the future and view analytics regarding your site.

Once you have registered you will be provided with a code snippet that needs to be added to the <head> of your site. It will look a bit like the below

<script type="text/javascript" src="{yourpropertyid}&product=inline-share-buttons" async="async"></script>

Finally you need to copy and paste a piece of code wherever you’d like your inline share buttons to appear on your site. It will look something like the below.

<div class="sharethis-inline-share-buttons"></div>

And voila, you will now see your share buttons!

For WordPress users…

It’s easier for you to install the ShareThis plugin first, and then follow the setup process within the plugin.

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